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Semma Wall Collection

Need an inexpensive block but don’t want to sacrifice quality? Look no further because here it is! The Semma Wall Collection from Techo-Bloc is now on sale at both Sensenig’s Landscape locations. Sale ends October 31, 2016.

Techo-Bloc’s Semma Wall block is a 6″ x 16″ double-sided segmental retaining wall, with tapered sides and an independent mechanical interlock allowing for a vertical or battered wall. Semma also has tremendous shear strength (block to block contact), void fill interlock (4 cored system with contractor gravel-filled cores), and a ½” bond for joint dispersion. Semma wall, with an integrated corner on every layer, makes a great solution to the raised patio quandary: building a structural wall and topping it with a parapet (free-standing wall). Use the Semma pillars to finish or add drama or light features to your wall.